Thursday, October 30, 2008

Multimedia Remedial Teaching Material

[Multimedia Remedial Teaching Material]


Hello Students,

Now you are going to learn Accountancy Unit namely Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance through multimedia method slide by slide you can see each slide one by one clearly.

You can stop at any point and also go ahead. If you have any doubt you can feel free to ask doubt and I will also give explanation and instruction in between you can go unit wise (i) Journal (ii) Ledger (iii) Trial Balance after finishing it, you shall proceed to the next stage, otherwise you shall review the same stage, you should give answers for the questions after completion.


The ever expanding field of education among the human race has necessitated a continuous modification and innovation of its technology.

The current education scene is in an information age where there is knowledge explosion and skills essential for living has become increasingly complex and interdependent.

Materials are generally developed in the form of Programmed learning, Computer Assisted Instruction, Instructional Modules, Multimedia method etc.

The students are made to sit infront of the computer and necessary instructions where given to start the work. They were asked to click on to the multimedia method. Here you can view each slide clearly and then go to next slide like this you can learn each and every unit one by one thoroughly.

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